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With a history of nearly 70 years, the Rolex Air-King has one of the most

complicated histories of all Rolex collections. During World War II, Rolex

promised to supply SpeedKing or other designated models to British prisoners

of war in German camps on credit. As the war drew to a close, Rolex founder

Hans Wilsdorf chose to cash in on a range of aviation-themed watches for raf

pilots who fought in the Battle of Britain. “Air” series include Air-Lion,

Air-Giant, Air-Tiger, Air-King. Today, only Air-King still exists.
The first real Air King was the 4365 and 4925 from 1945. “Air” 4365 and 4925

were introduced the same year, 4365 a little earlier. The succession to the

market is 4365/4925, 44999, 6552,5500, 14000,14000m, and then the final

114200 today.
However In 1958, Rolex implemented a unique growth plan for a specific

market. Measures include the launch of the Air-King-date model 5700/5701

(medium gold) (which is the only 35mm Air King with a calendar). And the 550X

model for the US and Commonwealth markets. At the same time, the 35mm

5504Explorer shell was also used for the Air-King. The shell of the 5500Air

King also fits the earlier 5500Exploter. Both models are of the same mode.

Before 5500, except 6552, all used Cal 10.5′ movement. Rolex released three

new models in a row in 1945 and 46 years. The 6552, introduced in 1953, was

only a transitional model, as it also seemed very similar to the 5500.

The 5500 was introduced in 1957 with 1520 or 1530 cores, but due to US import

laws the number of 1520 and 1530 cores available for the US market was

reduced to 17 diamonds. 1520 in other markets; The 1530 core has 25 or 26

gems. The difference between the core models is that the dial is represented

by the words Precision for 1520 and Super Precision for 1530. Many face

plates were used during the 37 years of production operation. Many companies

worked with Rolex to put their names on the plates. Today, some are extremely

rare, including double red. The dial is an early production of the Air King

and Super Precision dials written in red.

The 14000M series gave way to the 1142XX in 2007. The series is a brand new

face plate for AirKing. The new concentric dial was added, the ears were

thickened, and a brand new Oyster strap (78350) was replaced. 14010M was

upgraded to 114210 and the outer ring was retained, but only for an initial

period. (It has been discontinued). Then fluted Bezel was applied to Air King

outer ring for the first time. It is 114234 now. In addition, 1142XX is the

first Air King to receive COSC certification. These changes make the Air King

series firmly into the modern Rolex family, become an indispensable part of

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