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Can be carefully study small complex mechanical devices, also can be a pure curiosity, the Palace Museum of horological museum at 11 and 14 will always be special time meaning, select demo let silence years of exquisite antique clock hour meter to refresh the freshman, also stubbornly reminder of the passage of time at a certain point and historical change.
There are many kinds of clocks and watches, and the ones with real collection value are mainly antique clocks and watches. The longer the time, the more people can attract the enthusiasm of collection; Rare old watches, pocket watches, watches appreciate faster, are worth collecting watches. Collect antique clocks and watches to see the appearance, two look at the era, but also to see the historical and cultural value contained in it, and whether it is original and original. Of course, modern production, rare, quantitative fixed money table also has collection value.
There is a standard in the collecting world that vintage clocks must be more than 30 years old and not still being made in factories today. Antique clocks and watches include antique clocks and antique watches, mostly refers to the 19th century, the first half of the 20th century produced pocket watches, watches and seat clocks. Fastidious horological money assembled copper fine gold, enamel, jewelry, marble, porcelain, expensive woodiness, compare with other collection, antique horological is decorated not only luxuriant, modelling is unique, function is wonderful, and not easy imitate, having extremely high collect value.

Antique clock repair is not only to make the antique clock work, but also to understand the ideas, practices, techniques and materials of the old generation of craftsmen at that time, and to erase the crude marks left by the careless maintenance of past dynasties. This is the real significance of antique clock repair.

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