Car Sunshade Window Shield Sliding Curtain UV Protector Sun Shade Visor Kit Auto Sunshade Summer Protection Tool Car Accessories


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Brand Name: CARSUN

Origin: CN(Origin)

colour: Beige Black Grey

Material: ABS polyester

Product name: Rear window sunshade

Material: ABS+polyester
Size: 60*54.5*52cm
Product list: 2PCS Rear window sunshade

product manual:
1. Anti-UV: Install the blinds, which can effectively prevent outdoor harmful light from illuminating the interior of the car for a long time and reduce the life, internal plastic parts of the leather, etc.; it can also prevent ultraviolet rays from being irradiated to the human body, and it is environmentally friendly and healthy.
2. Preservation of privacy: Covering the window, the things inside are generally invisible and absolutely protect private privacy.
3. Insulation: It can effectively maintain the constant temperature inside the car, and the temperature inside the car will not be too high because the sun exposure time is too long.
4. Safety: Stick the rails, it will not affect the lifting of the glass, and it is safe and secure.
5. Sunshade: sun protection against the sun.
6. High-grade: After the installation according to the color of the interior of the car, the overall look is comparable to the European and American high-end models, high-end fashion.

Installation and precautions:
1. Wipe the window where you need to stick the rail before installation.
2. It is recommended to use a hot air blower to blow the guide rails to keep the glue better. After installing the guide rails, install the car curtains after a period of time. Please bend the parts carefully and install them carefully. After installation, it is recommended to fix them with ropes. Ok, wait until the glue is completely attached, and then proceed to the next step.
3. Please pay attention to the installation of the curtains. If the size is wrong, please change the guide rails. After the guide rails are torn off, there is residual glue. It is recommended to remove the adhesive with a glue remover, and then replace the new guide rails.
4. Install according to the steps from t o p to bottom, no longer, please remember to insert the small plug that comes with the product.
5. Please pay attention to the location before installation!
6. The front row of curtains should not be covered by the rearview mirror to avoid accidents.
7. It is recommended to open the window for installation during installation.
8. Please shake the window glass when installing.

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Beige, Black, Grey


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