Car Ashtray Durable Metal Auto Travel Cigarette Ash Holder Portable Beach Storage Jar With Blue LED Light Rolling Detachable


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Brand Name: CARSUN auto accessory

Origin: CN(Origin)

Style: Pressing Type

Shape: Round

Type: Storage Bucket

Material: ABS

product name: car ashtray

material: ABS

color: black

1. Stylish appearance.
2. The LED light inside the cover can be used conveniently at night and can emit beautiful blue light.
3. Simple cigarette butt pinch out the hole.
4. The ashtray can be removed for easy cleaning.
5. The ashtray material is made of high-density fireproof engineering plastic, which is not flammable.
6. It can be placed in the beverage rack at the air outlet or on the beverage holder on the car.
7. Using CR2016 battery, long life.

1. This product comes with a piece of double-sided tape that can be pasted in a suitable position, or it can be placed on the original cup holder in the car, or placed on a non-slip mat.
2. When the lid is opened to 90°, the light will automatically turn on. If the light is not needed, just flip the lid to 70°.
3. If you need to clean up the ashes, you only need to separate the cigarette holder from the barrel, and the ashes can be pour out.
4. If you need to replace the battery, separate the box up and down, then take out the battery box, replace the CR2016 button battery in the positive and negative directions, and fit it back tightly. The battery box is tight, please do not disassemble it at will.

1. All production is made of imported plastic materials, the inner barrel is made of high-density fireproof plastic material, and the cigarette holder is processed by metal plating.

2. The product shape design adopts European-style simple design, the shape size is 60mm*72mm at the bottom and 47mm in height.

3. The product has a high degree of smoke extinguishing function, and no smoke will come out after being covered, ensuring the freshness of the car.

4. Easy disassembly and assembly of the inner and outer frames (there are three card slots inside, which can be pulled out directly with a little force), which can quickly clean up soot.

5. The use of soft blue LED lighting design, with high-performance button batteries, makes the car interior more harmonious, and the lights can be turned on by opening the lid!

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1pcs Car Ashtray

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