7” 200mm Double-Sided Waxing Glazing 80% Wool Discs Wool Polishing Wheel Buffing Pad


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Brand Name: CARSUN

Item Width: 20cm

Item Diameter: 20cm

Item Length: 20cm

Item Weight: 255g

Material Type: Wool

Outer Diameter: 200mm

Usage: Commercial Manufacture

Specification: 7

Wool Polishing Pad, Double-sided edge polishing pad, specifically designed for use with polishes and glazes to produce a high gloss on paint surfaces.

Specification: 7”” 200mm

Thickness about 55mm

Middle Hole size: M14 M16

Wool Content: 80% Mixed Woo

l Net weight: about 180g

Features: 1. good durability

2. good flexibility

3. good balance Use Instruction 1) Recommended speed range for the best results 1500-2500R.P.M 2) Polishing at low angle almost flat on the surfaec being glazed, On contours and detail lines reduce machine pressure to avoid burning. 3) It may spin off air driven polishers due to toolsrapid stop. To avoid spin off, firmly tighten polishing pad onto adaptor. Use7/8”” wrench to hold adaptor while tightening polishing pad. Application: used in automobile factory, motorcycle factory to deal with various defects after painting surface, surface polishing of high-grade furniture, color TV, surface polishing after spraying of refrigerator casing, polishing of FRP mold and surface, etc. Kind of field. 1. Automobile industry (manufacturing original factory, 4S station, beauty shop) 2. Motorcycle manufacturing original 3. Washing machine and refrigerator manufacturing original 4. Artificial stone panel and floor 5. Wood paint surface (furniture, cabinet panel manufacturer , piano, wooden floor, etc.), 6. interior decoration, 7. high-grade kitchenware, 8. musical instruments, 9. precious metals, 10. jewelry, 11. plastic surface treatment, 12. precision instruments Polishing pad care and cleaning Instruction Periodically rake pad with buffing spur or air nozzle to remove excess glaze. If pad becomes clogged, remove, turn over, reinstall and continue polishing allowing use side to dry. Washing pad cause shrnkage of wool fibers. If washing is desired use only cool white 60-80F water. Do not use hot water. Strong or alkaline detergents of solvents. Use washing machines with gentle agitation only. Machine drying is not recommended.

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