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Check out your winter soldier’s Halloween Costume guide

Although Cosplay belongs to a small group in a sense, more and more people come into contact with this circle and understand it. For many people, this is not only a hobby, but also a belief. They can experience different roles through role playing and get different experiences and insights.

Winter soldier, a superhero of Marvel comics, first appeared in the first issue of Captain America (March 1941). As a winter warrior, winter soldier first appeared in Captain America, Vol. 5, issue 1 (January 2005), CO created by Joe Simon and Jack Kobe. James Buchanan Barnes was the closest comrade in arms of the captain of the United States in World War II and the most solid backing. He died in the action at the end of World War II and was revived by the secret scientific organization x Department of the Soviet Union. After brainwashing, he became the perfect killer “winter warrior” in the cold war period of the Soviet Union. Later, he regained his memory in many contests with the Avengers, and was invited to join the Avengers League by his good friend Captain America.

In the marvel movie universe, Bucky is played by Sebastian Stein. Background: after falling into the valley, he was rescued by Hydra and brainwashed into a “winter warrior”.

After Captain America 2 releasing, Winter Solider quickly becomes a popular role, because this guy is so cool!His past experience is painful, and the friendship with Captain America is also very moving.

Winter soldiers as a small role, but showed a super high popularity, you can imagine how much its charm. If you want to be brilliant, but you’re not easy to hit, what’s better than the role of winter soldier? Let’s take a look at the costume points for the role.

First of all, you need the indispensable long sleeve shirt.This shirt is made of skin-friendly and comfortable materials.The high collar around the neck can perfectly connect with the mask.Worried about lacking the metal left arm? It’s no problem!The left sleeve of this shirt has been designed to look like a metal arm to solve the problem perfectly for you!You don’t have to buy props anymore. It’s just so simple and practical!

  And you need an underwaist,made of leather and the belt on the chest and back is designed to restore the appearance of the role in the film perfectly, matching the shirt very well.

  Black pants are overalls, loose design can help you pose easily. Thigh front has two sturdy pockets, and two behind, very practical.The use of wear-resistant materials and high-skilled sewing technology make you don’t worry about the problem of cracking in wear.

  As a super-soldier, how can you lose the straps and belts that hang your weapons? This set of costume straps are designed with chest buckle design for easy to wear and remove. Remember when Winter Soldier pulled a spherical bomb out of his belt pocket in the movie? This belt is equipped with three small pockets, two in the front, one in the back, even in the daily activities can be filled with small things, very practical. And there are adjustment buckles on the belt, not worrying about the size of the problem.

  There’s one scene that Winter Soldier was dumped from the car, glided and stopped on the road with metal arms and knees. This incredible action was picked as photographic pose by many cosers. Although Winter Soldier is a super soldier,but gloves and knee pads are indispensable. Gloves use magic stickers, easy to wear.Finger parts are designed as half fingers and exposed metal fingertips, corresponding to the left sleeve of the shirt metal arm design. With elastic added to knee pads, you don’t need to worry about the problem of pads’ falling from your legs.

Finally the mask, as one of the symbols of Winter Soldier, the source of mystery.The three-dimensional version fits the face, and will not affect your breathing.

What about the shoes? Don’t worry! This set of costume also includes a boot-like cover, which can become a pair of strapped high boots without worrying about the size of the shoe by wearing any pair of black shoes.

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